Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just an Aside

The company „Standard Networks“ from Madison, Wisconsin couldn’t sell its product “Move IT” to a europan Helicopter-manufacturer, but not because of the quality of the product...

simply because Europeans don’t want to be ruled, controlled and managed by the american government, don’t want to be treated like sheep without having a say.

Seems, as if the world outside knows enough about USA to not trust it any more. And seems, as if the world knows that the american companies will always have to obey the american government – and so can’t be trusted either (btw: a BIG plus of Linux). No wonder since that little event, when the american government forced companies like Microsoft, AOL or Yahoo to betray their customers, no matter WHICH country’s law should protect them. No respect for other people – neither persons nor nations....

that is the perfect way to create enemies – disrespect.

And so it seems, as if Mr. McCormack was totally right:

Mark McCormack
When things are equal, people buy from friends. When things are unequal, people still buy from friends. Therefore, make friends.


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