Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why did you do this to us?

The carnage in Iraq is going on. A nation, ruled by a dictator, but able to feed her children, to protect (at least most of) her citizens – and to respect her daughters and mothers – changed to a barbaric place of rapers, kidnappers and hangmen.

Not on her own. This happened not just “by accident”. It was caused. Caused by intent, openly prepared with big tam tam, accompanied by warnings that violence will create nothing else than destruction and suffering – and hate – and that the whole Middle East will explode.

And it happened. But the ones wanting the war earned much money, some of them even could avoid bankruptcy and were able to please their shareholders, lead them straight into the seventh heaven of greed. Alas, the mental preparation for war was based on high hopes and ideals, not on greed and selfishness – and many people don’t think of greed as a truly “high ideal”. So to show the mount of money as result of the war might not be enough to please the American people in the face of the carnage and damage the war had caused – at least it might not be enough for most of the american taxpayers, who earned nothing by the war than increase of charges and duties.

So to secure the profits – and not to forget, to avoid claim for compensations! – the war had to keep “smiling”, had to stay shiny, had to look like the White Knight, not like the ugly Grim Reaper, who eats children and destroys toys and bombs weddings.

Remember the ban of king George W. Bush to show the pictures of the coffins of the dead soldiers from the Iraq War, the aversion of main stream media to tell you the truth about “collateral damage” and “KIAs” – to show you that a “KIA” is not something anonymous, not just a “TLA”, but had a face, a mother and a father, often little sons and daughters and “collateral damage” simply means killed and maimed children, brides and cheering families?

It’s because history says: “You elected George W. Bush, so you bear responsibility for his deeds, America”.

It’s because information tells you the truth and helps you to decide the right things (remember Bertrands Paradox?) – and so your fuhrers must try to hide some information from you.


It’s verboten to show you the results of what is done in your name, so that you function like the puppets the puppeteers do love so much.


And so, all is fine, America, isn’t it? You are not guilty of killing children and your own sons, because you “didn’t know that”?

Your are so sensitive, America.

But how about the little fact, that you could have known it if you would have cared? And how about the little fact, that you must pay reparation if you accept guilt?

Yes, in the end, after the last hope was gone to save Iraq, you voted (some of) them out of office, America.

But what’s next? Quo vadis, America? Keeping your eyes closed because you are so sensitive, because you have to protect your children from ugly pictures?

Yesterday i watched a TV report about Gordian Troeller, a deeply democratic and rebellious movie maker. Having experienced the terror of Nazi-Germany and the mostly not heroic reactions of the attacked he stubbornly fought against dominance of any kind (you see, why he is my hero?)

And he spoke into the camera about the fall of Dachau – he told about the “nice landscape” and that artists had lived there – and he told about the trains full of starved people covered with snow, obviously even having tried to drink the blood of others to survive. He had to stop talking because of the memory and with a poker face he added that the Americans then decided to force the Germans to look at what they had allowed to be done near their homes, done in their names.

And he spoke into the camera about the people, shaking their heads and saying: “Oh, we didn’t know that”.

And with his poker face he spoke into the camera how they pretended to be “shocked”.

But then he spoke into the camera about the fine lady, covering her nose with a handkerchief because of the “bad odor” of the tortured bodies.

And the sensitive german lady said to the Americans:

Why did you do this to us?

“That’s how i end this story”, Troeller said into the camera.

Why did you do this to us? – said the Germans forced to watch the “KIAs” and the “collateral damage” done in their names.

Really sensitive people.


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