Sunday, February 12, 2006

What if?

Today, there is no physical proof of telepathy, precognition or other PSI-phenomena, there is yet no idea, how it could work.

While even the human mind is understandable by information, even consciousness is explainable as a self-mapping entity inside a powerful active processing system, concentrating the knowledge about the whole system of sensors like eyes, eares and noses, of experiences, needs and wishes stored in one single point of mapping like the DNA concentrates the knowledge about the passive processing system “body”, while the mechanisms of communication in brain and body are mostly known and proven to be clearly physical action – electromagnetic or nuclear powers – many people think, that physics will never be able to explain PSI and many think, that physics is even a true proof against.

But physics is never a proof against the unknown or the unexplainable, simply because you can only prove something by the method of the physics – the experiment. Therefore, it has to be information and information is repeatable, identifiable process, you can measure, store and compare. So no one will ever be able to use physics to prove the not known. If you hear a person saying: “that’s impossible”, (s)he can’t be a true physicist, because in that case, (s)he has to say: “as far as we know until now, that’s not plausible”.

Alas, regarding PSI, without an idea which physical forces should be involved, without a model to be proven by experiment, it seems, as if natural science may not support PSI-phenomena. PSI seems to be just a wrong pattern derived from the observations. Look a the strategy of an active information processing system (Gleichartigkeitshypothese, Gleichzeitigkeitshypothese): from chaotic signals it creates a world of objects and behaviors by hypotheses of (non-)equality and concurrence of those signals and verifies the result against memory and new experiences. And sometimes the hypotheses are wrong - after a while a contradiction will occur which proves them wrong and then brain rejects the results. Many claimed proofs of PSI don’t survive exact examinations and turn out to be nothing else than such a “wrong pattern”.

On the other hand there are many people swearing that PSI exists, that they had experienced one or another case of PSI-events themselves, there are many serious scientists doing research on that matters with findings of “significant deviation” from the average, yet without a clear proof of perfect repeatability, that persons are able to read thoughts or to foresee parts of the future. Why i say “parts of the future”? Because reality isn’t perfectly deterministic – only the informational component is -, so future can’t be perfectly predefined.

So maybe that’s a hint?

What if?

What if PSI-phenomena are more than wrong recognitions of patterns – more than “optical illusions”? What if our brain, optimized for active information processing, simply does its job?

Why? Because anything which happens is based on physical action stronger than the Planck's constant. And anything which is provable, must be information. Why? Because it has to be repeatable to allow experiments proving it.

But which physical action should be involved? There is no one known which is able to fulfil, what PSI claims to be able – to be instantly effective, over long distances without needing time or without being measurable over the whole distance.

No one? Really no one?

That’s not true.

Non-local physical effects are known, it’s just not information – remember the EPR-experiment?

It’s about – as i call it – proto-information, it is a repeatable process inside the randomness of the quantum continuum, which is not yet identifiable.

But it exists – and that “spooky action at a distance” can change things beyond the Planck's constant.

Our brain uses “high-level” neurons – fast enough for thoughts and body control. While the low-level neurons work on a chemical basis, the high-level neurons allow the signals to “jump”. Together with the fact, that synapses grow to overcome the distance between neurons, to link them together, when a memorized event is imprinted in the brain, there might be some magnetic phenomena involved – a not non-local physical action, but also an action not needing direct contact.

However, magnetism is a physical action with the perfection of repeatability and identifiability provable by experiment, since our brain depends on perfection to be able to process information without loss and failures.

But what if the used mechanisms reach into the quantum noise? Then Mother Nature would have been forced to enable brain to deal with that “medium” to ensure that the information processing system of the brain doesn’t destroy information, doesn’t destroy repeatability and identifiability.

And then brain would have something like access to everywhere, sooner or later provable.

Interesting idea, hm?


Blogger Unknown said...


You have a very interesting blog.

Found my way here via Miss Cellania. I DO believe in many “psi” phenomena. I don’t think they are “wrong patterns”. Rather, I think they are “information” we as humans have yet found a way to measure, quantify, and understand.

I find the experiments on the power of prayer fascinating.
In Europe, another very controlled study with enzyme cells, bacteria, plants and animals were prayed for to grow, by outside prayer groups. Plants that were prayed for grew much more than the un-prayed for plants. The same plants, when prayed for in the opposite direction of no growth, responded in kind with no growth. Praying for and against growth responded exactly to the direction set by prayer groups. I guess this indicates that you don't have to believe in it for prayer to work. I consider this a great advantage when there is so much pain associated with physical and emotional problems. The nonhuman subjects in the preceding study, indicate that faith is not a requirement for the answering of prayer. Life itself contains pleasure and pain. The power of prayer helps resolve this dichotomy.

Best wishes (whether you believe that will help you or not LOL) from one who believes in the power of laughter.

6:03 AM, March 11, 2006  
Blogger Again said...

Found my way here via Miss Cellania

witty blog she has, i like her style of writing ;-)

I find the experiments on the power of prayer fascinating

reminds me something like a global experiment of laughing together or feeling good together...

5:34 AM, March 19, 2006  

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