Sunday, January 01, 2006

January, 01

A new year.

Just a new number in a particular format type, called “date”, but we greet it with cheers and fireworks – why? Because we need hope, we need to believe that we will survive.

Intelligence is the conquest of the future – however, the price is high: it is fear, since intelligence makes you aware of what may come.

The shrinking gulf stream, the shrinking democracy, the shrinking value of human dignity – future looks dark in our days, but future looked dark in the Middle Age, too – and then came the Renaissance.

So let us fire more firework rockets and let us make more noise to oust the unholy spirits of greed and destruction, creating poverty and harm. Let us believe in a bright future for each and every human being, either poor or rich, white or black or yellor or red or green or whatever, either woman or man, either child or aged, either big or small, either family or foreigner – let us believe and fight for.

Happy new year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wishes for the start of your new year....may it bring us less grief than the lat few years have brought us, may there be more light than we have seen in the past, let us hope that it heralds a new rennaissance for us and brings us the changes we all seek. The positive changes that we so desperately desire but never seem to find.

But it's been 5 days into the new year and still all I see around is dim and dark, with more cries, the stillness of the new year is already broken and it's a shame that most of the cries are more like shrieks of sorrow rather than shouts of joy. It sounds sad, I feel sad.....but I hope things will brighten up in a while.

Till then, I hope we simply learn to cope.

4:01 AM, January 05, 2006  
Blogger Again said...

it's a shame that most of the cries are more like shrieks of sorrow rather than shouts of joy. It sounds sad, I feel sad...

i know what you mean - i read your post on your blog, too

and i understand you: i told you about the Gain cost function of intelligence and since i know what information is and therefore how our brains work...

i'm depressed, because the physical facts together with the historical tendency to produce billions of people but only to live in poverty and war needs a lot, lot of optimism not to be depressed

on the other hand - i don't believe in determinism, but in physics, action and chances

so let us trust to chance! And let us hope in the good will of Nature...

9:45 AM, January 05, 2006  

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