Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dear Brothers – USA & China

The two…

now famous all over the world...

for being happily united in belittling the Climate Change...

Scientists, governments clash as report reveals dangers of climate change:
”The United States, China and Saudi Arabia raised the most objections to the phrasing, most often seeking to tone down the certainty of some of the more dire projections...
Patricia Romero Lankao, a sociologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., confirmed to USA TODAY that delegates from the United States, China and Saudi Arabia forced the writers of the report summary to "downplay" the level of certainly about the damage to the environment and species by human-caused warming.”


For belittling the catastrophes in their own countries, as the news told us.

Governments, NGOs call for urgent action on IPCC report:
”Sources said sections removed from the final text included one on the expected climate damage in North America. The draft had originally said that tornadoes, drought, flooding and fires would increase as a result of climate change but this was removed at the behest of the United States.
US officials sidestepped questions by reporters about whether the country had forced out passages that mentioned severe consequences for the US.”

I guess, for the Chinese position, i don’t have to find links...

USA & China...

brothers in greed – both care about their citizens just as long as they can pay for, can pay for justice, can pay for health, can pay for food. Hailed as “Social Darwinsm” they do not waste precious money for the help of “losers”, just enjoy the cheap manpower

brothers in carelessness – both ignore the warnings about the suffering and harm of their own people just for the sake of profits. Katrina? New Orleans? See it as a bless! New Orleans will be richer, cleaner – and whiter!!!!

Eased Out of the Big Easy:
”Jackson predicted New Orleans will slowly draw back as many as 375,000 people, but that only 35 percent to 40 percent of the post-Katrina population would be black. (Before Katrina, New Orleans was two-thirds black.) "I'm telling you, as HUD secretary and having been a developer and a planner, that's how it's going to be." Jackson revealed that he advised Mayor Ray Nagin not to rebuild the overwhelmingly black 9th Ward.”

brothers in lipservice – both call themselves “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Yes! Actually, exact that is the “basic idea” of communism, too. In case of China, no one can understand that, isn’t it? It is so obvious, that an 2,000 year old empire will not be defeated by a simple revolution...

but in case of the young America?

It must be true, that the people are free here! All the movies and all the media tell us this story on and on and on (you know, who said: “Repetition is the lynchpin of propaganda”?) – so it must be true!

Noam Chomsky:
”Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.”


USA & China can’t be brothers?

USA can’t be brother of a totalitarian regime using death penalty and social discrimination...

not allowing change: Tiananmen Square protests of 1989???

But there are some lonely warriors of truth, fighting against the invisible dragons of myths and movies and money:

Bill Moyers “Secret Government”:
Or how do the people cry foul when their liberties are imperiled, if public officials can break the rules, lie to us about it, and then wave the wand of national security to silence us?
Can it happen again? You bet it can. The apparatus of secret power remains intact in a huge White House staff operating in the sanctuary of presidential privilege. George Bush has already told the National Security Council to take more responsibility for foreign policy which can of course be exercised beyond public scrutiny. And a lot of people in Washington are calling for more secrecy, not less, including more covert actions. This is a system easily corrupted as the public grows indifferent again, and the press is seduced or distracted. So one day, sadly, we are likely to discover once again that while freedom does have enemies in the world it can also be undermined here at home, in the dark, by those posing as its friends. I’m Bill Moyers. Good night."

Published in 1987...



The words are as true as 20 years ago...


Who – in 1987 – had believed, that the USA would send soldiers to kill children for money, oil and power, based on only sloppily patched lies?

Who – in 1987 – had believed, that the USA would openly and overtly use war, the foundation of mass murder, mass destruction and mass suffering, as an “appropriate tool” to feed the greed?

Who – in 1987 – had believed, that the USA wouldn’t even care to disguise the real reasons, but “offered” lies so transparent, that it was a slap in the face of any intelligent person all over the globe?

Noam Chomsky:
”The question is whether privileged elite should dominate mass communication and should use this power as they tell us they must -- namely to impose necessary illusions, to manipulate and deceive the stupid majority and remove them from the public arena.

And who ever had believed, that the USA would not care about each and every single American? Lost in Iraq, lost in New Orleans? Who could care less, when they don’t have money?

Who cares about tornadoes, drought, flooding and fires?

Governments, NGOs call for urgent action on IPCC report:
”The draft had originally said that tornadoes, drought, flooding and fires would increase as a result of climate change but this was removed at the behest of the United States.”

I guess, in the end even the “Hollywood”-sign might not be protectable...


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