Sunday, March 18, 2007


Ultra-Large-Scale Systems…

quote from the report:
Like a biological ecosystem, a ULS system comprises a dynamic community of interdependent and competing organisms (in this case, people, computing devices, and organizations) in a complex and changing environment.
...research is needed
to understand other models, such as open source, that involve Fostering Non-Competitive Social Collaboration.”

to repeat: “Non-Competitive Social Collaboration” – that, what mammals cannot do, mammals, which are dominated by alpha males, because in case that competition is your entrance to reproduction, you will never give it up – basic law of nature, called “reproductive instinct", often stronger even than the survival instinct.

quote from the report:
”Orchestration involves management and administration but at a scale well beyond that of traditional, centralized,
relatively fine-grained controls.”

beyond “traditional, centralized, relatively fine-grained controls”?

Simply means beyond the usual human structures of leaders and followers, of commanders and subordinates, of masters and slaves...

Written for the DOD...

but accepting, that only “Non-Competitive Social Collaboration” might be able to solve the conundrum of the unmanageable complex systems...

isn’t that just a joke? The final realization of competition – warriors – need their own antipodes to “do their job”. Lol.

Ok, ok – the report is focused on IT, but the problem of humankind is the same – an unmanageable complex system, only able to spread poison and destruction, but now forced by Mother Nature herself to work more efficiently together to overcome problems like Global Warming...

Poor mammals...

Reminds you of A Plot for a Science Fiction Novel, Red Moon, On the Tombstone of Humankind – too little and too late, On the Edge of History or Land of the Dead?



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