Sunday, June 18, 2006

Living in a Kafka World

found in a Spam:

“Life Should be Full of Luxuries”

found at

"It's not hopeless," Schuur said. "We're just at the beginning of this cycle, so we can, through the controlling of emissions, have a hope of slowing down this rate of global warming that would slow the melt of the [Siberian] permafrost." (Global Warming Threat Is Seen in Siberian Thaw)

Happened in June, 2006...

"There's still time to take action, but not much.” (Warming hits 'tipping point', an article about the “recently” found melting of the Siberian permafrost)

Happened in August, 2005...

and the clock ticks...

Enjoy your luxuries!


Blogger JasonJ said...

Grrr. You know, I was just stewing about this topic today. I was at work listening to Wisconsin Public Radio when 'consumer advocate' John Stossel came on the air this morning as a interviewee with the regular morning host. In case you are not familiar with Mr. Stossel, he anchors ABC's news magazine 20/20 and is always full of supposedly probing reports of how we 'consumers (I hate that word)' are being scammed by this trend or that.

Today's topic was the new book he's selling on his latest wisdom de jour. In the course of his rantings he chose to spend a lot of time debunking the 'myth' of global warming and Al Gore's new film on the subject.

The garbage we have to deal with...

Here's the address to WPR's archives if you are interested in hearing it, the files are realplayer audio files.

6:15 PM, June 20, 2006  
Blogger Again said...

sorry to be a little late

debunking the 'myth' of global warming

debunking reality - to what extent human stupidity had gone. Reminds me so often of Science Fiction, where some exotic species degenerates happily and carelessly into extinction while the brave human heroes try to save them or try to escape in time...

but since i calculated the Gain cost function of intelligence i know that each species has that problem in the end - and if it can't progress by changing the systems general ability to manage information, it will die out

because it doesn't matter if morons like John Stossel understand reality or not, if they allow greed to beat their (little) brains - time is always on the side of reality

but even the brain-dead Stossels should know it better now - if they only would look at one of "their" leaders - due to the "myth" Jeb Bush starts to fear for his career: the myth will likely hit Florida first...

4:19 AM, June 23, 2006  
Blogger JasonJ said...

Well, with a little luck maybe we can have one of those biblical floods they like to talk about all the time to wash them out to sea.

6:50 PM, June 25, 2006  
Blogger Again said...

those biblical floods

yes, sometimes i think the same - but i guess it will always hit the wrong, as in New Orleans. Because the rich can pay to get away to continue to destroy everything

and that's the moment when i understand what the law of the fittest of darwin means: it simply means, that when we allow our greedest, regressed, most chimp-like members of the race to lead us - then we will no longer be part of the "fittest"...

each group is as weak as it weakest member - power makes stupid, said Nietzsche, and that's right - the most powerful are (at least after a while) the most stupid

see George W. Bush

12:42 AM, June 26, 2006  

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