Sunday, May 14, 2006

Math beats Faith - And they shall be known by their deeds

Don’t believe me? But – do you believe in Mr. Bush, the Reborn?

So: Look at What They Do, Not What They Say. “And they shall be known by their deeds.”

I told you so.

I said: “Never underestimate the power of science to help understand even the most abstract and/or emotional themes” – talking about Justice.

Now let us talk about human souls, human society, human power lust and human longing for freedom.

All what is said to be so divine, that science can’t explain it, so that you need an “intelligent designer” to create that “intelligent design”.

So, what would you think would people do believing in such a designer, creating “un-understandable” wisdom?


You would think they would ask the designer for answers about the design. They want to convince people to follow their rules, they want to control them, to make them obey “his” orders? They MUST ask God, the designer, because no one else can understand his work.

And so they say – by talking about the uselessness of science to explain his “unfathomable ways”.

But what do they really do?

They measure and count, they observe and they relate – they do math and information processing by detecting and evaluating states and their relations.

Information – repeatable, identifiable action, mappable by initial and end states, knowable and storable and comparable by their measurable attributes and their relations in kind and time, their “being” and their “logic”.

They do, what their brains do – what Mother Nature advised them to do.

No intelligent designer needed..

And the defenders of intelligent design themselves proves that – because they don’t ask God when they want to force his rules (of their unlimited power) unto their fellow humans.

They don’t listen to his voice, they don’t even care about - but measure distances and periods, count events and relations – they openly and carefully use the nature of the “divine, un-understandable” human mind and human society as scale-free network to use the efficient maths of scale-free network...

to avoid the spread of a revolutionary idea – that all humans are born free, not to be their slaves and servants to satisfy their pampered, ever increasing demands.

Because they clearly know that each and every “divine and un-understandable” human society is based on intertwined processes of information and that the single “divine” human soul is just a “node” in that network – some more connected, some less.

Reminds you of “Justice”?

Yes, actually the ML-method, proving, that just systems are the most efficient in time, uses the same constructs of “connected nodes”.

And the True Believers know that better than you – they know, that “for an intentional attack, little knowledge of the well-connected sites is sufficient to strongly reduce p(c)” with p(c) “the critical fraction p(c) of nodes that must be removed for disintegrating the network”.

Translate p(c) with “persons with influence, trendsetters, multipliers of ideas” and disintegrating with “destroying their influence”, then you see, what they want to detect by spying on you, by measuring your phone calls (detecting “distances” between persons and “periods” as time spent for a call, allowing them to estimate, how much information may be processed).

They want to detect the spread of new ideas, the evolution of movements, the fire of freedom, the “divine un-understandability, needing Gods wisdom as intelligent designer”, the spirit of democracy, which could destroy their well constructed reach for their stars of absolute power – but they don’t do it by praying, not by asking God.

They do it by Math.

They themselves tell you:

Math beats Faith.



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where did the power to uncover the mysteries of math come from?

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