Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rush for the Darwin Award

Hurry, humankind! There may be a chance to survive – hurry, lemmings, to avoid it!

May, 2006
Global warming fastest for 20,000 years - and it is mankind's fault: Independent, Steve Connor, Science Editor: „Global warming sceptics will get little comfort from the confident language in the draft report, which dismisses suggestions that climate change is an entirely natural rather than man-made phenomenon.“

April, 2006
Yelling 'Fire' on a Hot Planet: The New York Times, ANDREW C. REVKIN (Login required): „Are humans like frogs in a simmering pot, unaware that temperatures have reached the boiling point?“

March, 2006
Global Warming Heats Up: Time Magazine, Jeffrey Kluger: „By Any Measure, Earth Is At ... The Tipping Point“

February, 2006
Oceans may soon be more corrosive than when the dinosaurs died: Carnegie Institution, Dr. Ken Caldeira: “The geologic record tells us the chemical effects of ocean acidification would last tens of thousands of years,” Caldeira said. “But biological recovery could take millions of years. Ocean acidification has the potential to cause extinction of many marine species.”

January, 2006
Environment in Crisis: 'We Are Past the Point of No Return': Independent, Michael McCarthy: „The world has already passed the point of no return for climate change, and civilisation as we know it is now unlikely to survive, according to James Lovelock, the scientist and green guru who conceived the idea of Gaia - the Earth which keeps itself fit for life.“

Happy Rushing!


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