Sunday, July 08, 2007


Steven of the Last Chance Democracy Cafe wrote a story about Heaven – a heaven which sounds more like Disney World than anything else.

That reminded me of the old pan-european tale of Cockaigne, especially in the version of Ludwig Bechstein: “A country where water is wine and the houses made of sausages and roast pork, the fishes are already fried and come when called, just as the birds and young pigs do – that is Schlauraffenland”.

Ok, Stevens world was a little less food-focused, but i guess, that’s only because in our days hunger is not the worst problem for the average person.

And Steven doesn’t mention the next “fine” thing in Schlauraffenland: “Men can exchange their old wives for younger ones and the old wives can bath in the fountain of youth. Losers and lazybones win and get money for sleeping and liars are highly respected. And to be a professor, you have to be a greedy boor.”

Doesn’t that remind you of something?

Then the most interesting – and realistic part of the version of Bechstein: “The ones who are hardworking, do good and avoid evil, will never have friends in Schlauraffenland and will be thrown out, while the incompetent and arrogant are respected as noblemen. The one who lacks any skills becomes a duke, but only the laziest and most unqualified will become king.”

Ah, yes – nowadays we don’t have kings, but presidents...

Like the Bechstein version, Stevens’ heaven is something, rich people already can have: nice houses, good food and fine weather, consumer’s paradises, which doesn’t care for decency or honesty, but just for...


but honestly: rich people's world here on Earth - is truly our heaven?

(Update: Of course, Steven's true heaven looked different)


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